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A question about Tower Bridge.

I had an idea to print a calendar themed around Tower Bridge. Would it be in violation of any trademark or IP law? I'm not talking about one or two copies from Snappy Snaps, this would be a commercial venture with an ISBN and fancy packaging etc.   Thanks in advance. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


I'm not talking about architectural drawings, I'm referring to the exception in CDPA 1988 section 62: copyright in such a work will not be infringed by a) making a graphic work representing it, b) making a photograph or a film of it; or c) making a broadcast of a visual image of it   [ hoogachucka 2 years ago ]

Technically there can be a copyright in a bridge - it is the design right in buildings (bridges would be covered by this). Technically it is violated all the time when people take photos of buildings but it is completely impractical to enforce as photos of cities are so common. I'm guessing the design copyright in Tower Bridge is public domain by now.   [ hoogachucka 2 years ago ]

The land around the mayors office is private, if you put a tripod down people appear out of nowhere and ask to see your permit, so keep that in mind. Handheld is fine you'll get away with it.   [ generichandel 2 years ago ]

Yes I have all the artwork and found a decent printing firm too.   [ wunhang_lo 2 years ago ]

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