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Act of kindness

Yesterday after work, I was trying to unlock one of Santander bikes to go to the gym but one of the digits didn't work and there was a guy that I don't know who was about to unlock the last bike there. That guy saw me struggling with it and proposed to give me his bike after he unlocked it if I was in a hurry. Honestly, I never expected that reaction and I am very grateful for his kindness. I smiled at him, thanked him and told him that I was not in a rush and that he shouldn't give the bike to someone he don't know because he will be charged if that guy don't return the bike but I think that he already knows that.

Wanted to share this to thank him again and maybe to encourage more people to do kind things :) | Modified: March 21, 2018 | Author:


I like you thinking   [ abuseart 2 years ago ]

Many (most?) homeless people have mental illnesses, which may be why.   [ Adamsoski 2 years ago ]

Lol. Guess he wanted a 'builder's'   [ mkkb 2 years ago ]

Thats one of the moments that should happen more often. I saw a guy sleeping on the ground next to my office at about 2 degrees the other evening. I made him a tea with lemon and honey, thinking it will warm him up and give him a boost in immunity as well. Long story short, gave him the tea and he looks at me in disgust saying what about milk mate ? ... I froze for 2 seconds, my brain was struck by the lack of appreciation and after that my not understanding how can you mix lemon tea with milk. Ive explained its a lemon tea with honey and he asked for milk again, I went inside, brought him half a cup of milk, he poured it in the tea and the milk looked like small bits and pieces, kind of like dough pieces and he says its gone off, you drink it . I left and left the guy there with its tea and milk, it just baffled me completely . Whats your opinion about this ?   [ JourneyWanderer9 2 years ago ]

When I moved to London after 24hrs in transit with no sleep and found myself with a full backpack, handbag, and suitcase that weighed half as much as myself, I had people offer to help me at every set of stairs I came across at Paddington and Victoria stations. I was so grateful, and it got London off to a really good start for me. It's nice to know there are still people who are willing to help someone for nothing. Those bits of kindness are so, so appreciated :)   [ jelly-fiish 2 years ago ]

Be kind to people when its possible and its always possible...   [ kashie333 2 years ago ]

I like this. Its great when people take the time to do something nice for a stranger.   [ I-Ribbit 2 years ago ]

Today, at London Bridge, I saw a young guy offer and help to carry an older womans heavy suitcase. It was just really nice to see people look out for each other when it is so easy to only think of ourselves.   [ climb_tree88 2 years ago ]

So how much did you sell the bike for?   [ Poepholuk 2 years ago ]

Could have given you a backy though   [ JohnsonundJohnson 2 years ago ]

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