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Advice on owning a car when a tenant of a ‘Car Free Development’ in Tower Hamlets?

Bit of background. Girlfriend and I have been looking to buy a car to get out of the city at weekends, plus she occasionally needs to travel a fair way for work. We’ve just put a deposit on a car after doing what I thought was plenty of research before hand. Looked at this tower hamlets link for info on parking permits. Seemed pretty straight forward. Turns out not.

 resident’s permit application has since been declined because I live in a ‘car free development’.

Would anyone be able to lend any advice on any other options apart from renting a £150pm spot a mile and a half away. Or are we just complete donuts for missing the T+Cs and are now £400 worse off? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


I would check the wording of the s106 agreement that introduced this rule for your flat. A bunch of them were incorrectly worded and should be unenforceable. If you can get a few (a lot) of interested neighbours together you can split the cost of fighting this with a solicitor if youre really bothered by this. To give you an idea of solicitor costs this is the quote we got from the solicitors who set a precedent and laid down the basis for our claim: Application to the Council to discharge planning condition: 2,500 Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate: 8,000 -10,000 (solicitor fees) 3,000 - 5,000 (counsel's fees)   [ oh-noes- 3 years ago ]

You can rent a car park in a nearby unit. Prob 100 a week.   [ yDN0QdO0K9CSDf 3 years ago ]

You haven't got a chance. A load of people in Waltham Forrest got caught out by this when they introduced to permits here. Many have tried to get round this. All have failed.   [ donald_cheese 3 years ago ]

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