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Alternative / New wave / synth pop / music events in London?

I'm fairly new to London and I've yet to find a place which plays music I fancy.

Maybe its a long shot but does anyone know any club nights that play new wave or synth pop? ...or even synth wave? Perhaps Techno?

I'd also be interested to find out if people have got any recommendations for events/venues regardless of genre, or anything thats a bit different. It would be nice to try something new and find a place I like (preferably an event which younger people attend). | Modified: March 22, 2018 | Author:


Slimelight, Feeling Gloomy, Electric Dreams, Mondlicht, exit the grey, some weird sin, Glitch 19, dark disco Goth, new wave, dark wave, industrial, EBM   [ Pawn_in_game_of_life 1 year ago ]

Scared to Dance does rotating dance night that features new wave, other genres as well though   [ keyedinn052 1 year ago ]

Thanks for this, do u know after hours?   [ safeintheknowledge 1 year ago ]

I haven't been, but there's a small club night called Dark Disco which apparently does synth pop and new wave - I think you should be able to find it on Facebook. If you're into the goth/alt scene at all then Slimelight is every Saturday at Electrowerkz in Angel and often has some synth pop and 80s goth stuff on. Techno-wise, Electrowerkz also hosts Kaos and Blanc which are both great techno nights   [ gh0stp0p 1 year ago ]

I went cargo in Shoreditch couple years back and they played some new wave stuff but it's pretty rare   [ tfunny96 1 year ago ]

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