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anyone know any good muslim bookshops i can learn more about islam in central or north?

. | Modified: March 22, 2018 | Author:


Not a shop but I know there's a bunch of guys at Leicester Square on Saturdays that have a bunch of literature they give away. I suspect that since they are there every week and no one has done anything about them they probably aren't of the radical flavour so maybe worth a look.   [ istoodonalego 3 years ago ]

Soho Original Bookshop   [ ab00 3 years ago ]

im going away this weekedn unfortunately.   [ adamgamejohn123 3 years ago ]

Regardless of how you feel about religious teachings, what is factually correct is that there are 1.3 billion people in this world who believe the teachings of Islam, and trying to learn a bit more about what these people believe in isn't a waste of time.   [ markvauxhall 3 years ago ]

why waste time learning about something that isnt true?   [ shutthefigup 3 years ago ]

Good timing! http://www.visitmymosque.org is happening this weekend.   [ TokyoSexwhale_ 3 years ago ]

Any big bookshop will have a religion section. Foyles would be a good start.   [ beckerola 3 years ago ]

Don't have any better suggestions than the ones already here, but good on you for making an effort to learn more about something instead of assuming you have all of the facts.   [ perscitia 3 years ago ]

Regents park as mentioned in another comment. I cant think of many in central/North. I'd suggest Blackstone (Whitechapel) http://www.blackstonedirect.com/ http://eastlondonbookshop.com/ (Whitechapel)   [ MAhmed91 3 years ago ]

The obvious answer would be the Regents Park mosque bookshop. Not really an expert but I would expect as the London central mosque they would be fairly mainstream and welcoming to an outsider who is eager to learn.   [ ultra_casual 3 years ago ]

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