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Anyone with a table saw I can use?

I'm working on my A level Art final piece and I'm trying to build a tall wooden structure.

Does anyone know a place, preferably near Central West/West London where I can get the long side of a wooden plank cut at a 45 degree angle?

If you have one personally, and you wouldn't mind letting me use it, I will pay you for your service. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Nah - A level Fine Art Eduqas   [ Collaborative_Koala 3 years ago ]

Sorry this is not an answer to your question, but by any chance are you doing 3D design under Edexcel?   [ KATKATKATKATKATKATK 3 years ago ]

Food for thought. As others have said, ask around building sites, timber suppliers and timber contractors. scale down your project and make it smaller use a hand plane or a power plane. These can be picked up cheaply but is obviously more time consuming than using a table saw. How tall is this thing? I'm a structural engineer with experience in timber and in structural input on art pieces. If you have any concerns about the safety of this art piece, due to its size; ie if you think that tipping over is a risk or you have any hesitance about the types of fixings you're using to build it or even if you would be open to hearing ideas about the construction of the piece, I'd be happy to comment at no cost, seeing as it is for educational purposes.   [ MrMcGregorUK 3 years ago ]

The plank of wood that I am trying to cut at an angle is 8 feet tall. Approaching it this way would be too risky   [ Collaborative_Koala 3 years ago ]

School doesn't have a table saw unfortunately.. :/   [ Collaborative_Koala 3 years ago ]

Anyone with a work bench and a circular saw can do the job. Just clamp another piece of wood across it at 45 degrees to act as a guide for the saw and keep the cut straight.   [ Stooby2 3 years ago ]

All good table saws cut to 45...   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

Have you asked your School? Mine had a way better Woodworking place than my college/sixth form   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

I have one but I'm in Scotland.   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

Is there a man shed group near you? https://menssheds.org.uk/   [ Hannibal_Lecture 3 years ago ]

This thread might be useful https://redd.it/86jxbb   [ tigralfrosie 3 years ago ]

If you don't find someone who'll help as a favour, you could maybe try Toolstation?   [ ianjm 3 years ago ]

Trying out local building sites is a good shout, although I have to get 2 dozen planks cut and get each plank mitred twice that are 8 feet tall. I doubt they would have enough time to do a kid a favour :/   [ Collaborative_Koala 3 years ago ]

Have you tried a timber yard? They may be friendly enough to do a quick cut for you - especially if its for a good cause. Ive done this before for a minor thing and the building supply store was kind enough to do it for me. Or just look for active building sites around you. People are generally friendly!   [ Tuna_Surprise 3 years ago ]

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