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Best Pizza in Soho Area?

What pizza place would one recommend to try out in the Soho area? I’m torn between Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca. | Modified: March 21, 2018 | Author:


Firezza on Dean Street, while not pan pizza or Chicago deep dish levels of thickness, does a pretty good thicker crust.   [ percussiverepair 1 year ago ]

Pizza hut is pretty awful. How the hell is pizza pilgrims at that level?   [ Hessle94 1 year ago ]

New York Slice maybe? Slightly fluffier than Neapolitan.   [ mumbletethys 1 year ago ]

Pizza Pilgrims is pretty awful.   [ Sherwoodblountjr 1 year ago ]

Thank you for the awesome recs! Does anyone have further suggestions for pizza places that make more fluffier pizza? The Neapolitan style is delicious, but sometimes I have a hankering for a nice, thick pizza pie.   [ Sevenendless7 1 year ago ]

I thought it was good but Franco mancas more consistent. I would give PP another go though l.   [ antique234 1 year ago ]

Dominos on Foley Street   [ Grimmestofgrim 1 year ago ]

Homeslice FTW Also Rosso Pomodoro is not that bad, but Italians dont rate it.   [ BromMitcham 1 year ago ]

MOD is awesome. 7.87 for any pizza with unlimited customisation, great service, and there's a bottomless drink option as well.   [ Sean_Campbell 1 year ago ]

Soho Joe on D'Arblay Street is excellent. And 5 pizza on Monday. Also: a second vote for Homeslice. Highly commended runner-ups: ICCO, Ecco Pizza on Drury Lane, Firezza on Dean Street, Strada in Covent Garden - source: Pizza Mondays are a tradition in my office.   [ percussiverepair 1 year ago ]

Princi on Wardour Street is the best pizza in Soho! It's Milanese style rather than Neapolitan or New York style. Rectangular slices, totally lush with olive oil, a little bit crispy, fresh buffalo mozarella, etc.   [ peter25252525 1 year ago ]

This   [ [deleted] 1 year ago ]

Take yourself to ICCO and grab a banging pizza for 6. Thank me later   [ Game_Of_Ham 1 year ago ]

Mod is around there too, which is decent NY style   [ oldsmellypenis 1 year ago ]

I avoid Pizza Pilgrims cos the three times I tried their pizza, they were always soggy. Basically, too thin for the sauce they slop on.   [ myrargh 1 year ago ]

Pizza Pilgrims is good. I havent tried the other one.   [ beckerola 1 year ago ]

If you can reach a little further north go up and check out Homeslice. :)   [ RamenMonster7823 1 year ago ]

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