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Best sushi in London?

| Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


If you're in the neighborhood then IMO Takahashi is better than Rockstar Sushi. Small place, run by an ex-Nobu chef and his wife. Quality / price ratio is very good, and they have a excellent omakase menu (must be pre-booked, only one table per night)   [ markvauxhall 3 years ago ]

Sticks n sushi. Japanese food and Danish style - they have a few restaurants around London and are well worth trying.   [ Magicspacelobsters 3 years ago ]

Thanks! Both look great. Will be saving up for The Araki...   [ georgehux 3 years ago ]

The Araki or Sushi Tetsu. The Araki isn't that hard to book (couple of weeks in advance is sufficient) but insanely pricey. Tetsu is a pain in the ass to book but definitely worth it. Have been to both a number of times (Tetsu at least once a month over the past year), and hands down there's no other sushi restaurant in London that comes close. That's if you're looking for the best - they definitely aren't "everyday" restaurants.   [ no-soup-for-me 3 years ago ]

"Oh that sounds gre...300 PER PERSON!"   [ TheWinterKing 3 years ago ]

Best Ive eaten is at Dinings   [ pokepuns11 3 years ago ]

Shhh, that's our little secret place   [ Poepholuk 3 years ago ]

Araki or Sushi Tetsu, easily   [ mumbletethys 3 years ago ]

Came here to post this. Really good food, and the owner is awesome. Part Brazilian, part Japanese, part David Grohl. Apparently, they use real wasabi, most places use dyed horseradish, unless they are super expensive high end. I never knew this was a thing until I went there, so may not be true. But it's still a great place with great food. It's tiny, there's only about 12 seats in there though, so you reaaly need to book in advance.   [ clayalien 3 years ago ]

Abbey Mills is one of those gems of a little place. I've lived in South West London for years and i'd never heard of it. Just by accident when wondering down the river wandle. You feel like you're in a village square somewhere, there's loads of nice food, restaurants, bands playing etc. I'll try this place, is it expensive? The Thai restaurant near there is good.   [ OneMoreAlwaysOneMore 3 years ago ]

The best? Araki. Its got 3 Michelin stars. http://www.the-araki.com/ https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/oct/02/the-araki-sushi-restaurant-three-michelin-stars   [ OneMoreAlwaysOneMore 3 years ago ]

the best is sushi tetsu but you need to book several months in advance and I'm pretty sure it gets booked out within the first few minutes of accepting bookings   [ Glensarge 3 years ago ]

Rockstar Sushi in Colliers Wood is incredible. It's definitely the best I've had here.   [ Shockmaster69 3 years ago ]

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