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Bins full of loose waste - garbage team doesn't want to collect

By every flat once a week to collect waste. Unfortunately passer-by throw away their garbage in our bins that the crew doesn't want to collect. I contacted the council and they said is not their responsability. The true is that my landlord doesn't want to buy us new bins and the ones we have are without cover. Do you know who I can contact to collect this garbage? How much is going to | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


*Update: yesterday we cleaned the bins by ourself, I used the kitchen tool to turn the meat on the BBQ and my landlord bought us the new bins with the cover. Thank you all!!!   [ The_raven_queen 3 years ago ]

If there's general overflowing/fly tipped rubbish and it's the council's responsibility (i.e. not on private property) then you can use the FixMyStreet app to report it. If you don't fancy washing the emptied bins yourself, have a look if there's a bin cleaning service nearby that you can pay. e.g. MrBin in Barnet is reasonably priced for this.   [ lucasfuturecptn 3 years ago ]

Check your council website, some councils will replace damaged bins for free.   [ FeTemp 3 years ago ]

Similar was happening to my dad a few years ago. He found our the mayors address, rang the council, told them if they didn't come round and pick the rubbish up that day, then the rubbish would end up on the lawn of xyz address. Of course they came and picked the rubbish up shortly.   [ cyclegaz 3 years ago ]

If its a wheelie bin, you will need the council to give you a new one. Your council website should have details.   [ I-Ribbit 3 years ago ]

2 bins for the 3 flats. I live on the ground floor so to the other tenants is not such a big problem -.-   [ The_raven_queen 3 years ago ]

Just put it in a bin bag and then they'll collect it? Am I missing something?   [ Quagers 3 years ago ]

How many bins are there?   [ molehill 3 years ago ]

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