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Bit disappointed IMAX is only showing infinity war in 3D, what's up with that?

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


The Cineworld in Leicester Square will often pop a couple of 2D screenings of an IMAX film on towards the end of its run. Otherwise the Superscreen there is pretty great for 2D with 4K projection on a 20.5m wide screen and an incredible Dolby Atmos sound system which is a bit over-specced for the size of the auditorium.   [ zappomatic 2 years ago ]

How dare you talk about my beloved Marvel Schlock in this manner?   [ grep_var_log 2 years ago ]

It's the greatest crossover event since WolfCop* I'll have you know. *half wolf, all law   [ captain_mustang 2 years ago ]

Infinity War was filmed entirely with digital IMAX cameras. Just because it's not 70mm film doesn't mean there's "little benefit". Here's the trailer comparison.   [ Pepplies 2 years ago ]

Don't worry about it, it's only some generic kid's film that will be on every other screen round the clock anyway.   [ Bascule_chamber 2 years ago ]

i mean its like 22 for VIP tickets to IMAX, just for the big screen i'd say it's worth the few extra quid over something like vue or regular odeon   [ Glensarge 2 years ago ]

Just some film nerd advice - Infinity War is not filmed in IMAX 15/70mm film so there is little benefit seeing it at the BFI IMAX anyway. Paying over 20 for a tickets is worth if for a film specially designed and filmed for the IMAX format e.g. Interstellar or Dunkirk but not for these IMAX Digital presentations filmed with Alexa65s. You may as well go to a Cineworld Superscreen or Vue Xtreme 2D showing. Don't buy into this LieMax scam!   [ Count_all 2 years ago ]

TIL the science museum has a 70mm IMAX!   [ Zouden 2 years ago ]

Same, been using the science Museum because they tend to have the 2D showings.   [ Maizem 2 years ago ]

Why I don't go there anymore. They only show 3D versions of movies.   [ Mnemosense 2 years ago ]

I'm the same , I love the Imax but hate 3D . Some films they show both , like Blade Runner but not this . Maybe the Science Museum ? They were the only place to show the new Star Wars Imax 2D.   [ PirateCraig 2 years ago ]

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