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Cheap fringe trim, preferably around Camden/Kentish Town

SO I need to get my fringe trimmed but I’m not looking to get a whole new haircut or anything, I’m from Glasgow where everything is waaay more reasonably priced and therefore I’m ideally looking to spend around £5 on a quick fix up, £10 maximum. Any recommendations of good quality hairdressers in this general area that can sort me out? | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Topcuts now, same people though I think?   [ Edward_Strange 2 years ago ]

Oscar Pink in Kentish Town will do your fringe for 5   [ iforgottowashmyhands 2 years ago ]

I remember when that place first opened and me and my nan went to have our hair cut there. Is Paul still running it?   [ comrademikey 2 years ago ]

If you don't mind heading over to Finsbury Park, I certainly recommend Chaps and Dames, a fringe trim is a fiver, and they are generally very reasonably priced (depending on which stylist you are going for), good quality work as well: http://www.chapsanddames.co.uk/book-online/   [ rhdib 2 years ago ]

Nebs barbers near mornington crescent is awesome. If Georgina is in, she'll work her magic.   [ shamanic_panic 2 years ago ]

Andrew's on Camden Park Road is the one   [ getofftheunicorn 2 years ago ]

Pretty sure that's only if they originally gave you your fringe.   [ SuzyJTH 2 years ago ]

I thought Toni and Guy did fringe cuts for free?   [ ichbinmatt 2 years ago ]

Just a few doors down from KT tube station, think it's called Mr Leo's. Cheap, but hairdressers in there are pretty decent.   [ tigralfrosie 2 years ago ]

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