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Do I need to pre-book a Gatwick Airport to Luton Airport transfer?

I'm landing in Gatwick at noon on a Saturday and have an 8pm flight out of Luton, should I pre-book the airport transfer or are there always available seats to just hop on? Any companies you guys recommend (or should be avoided)? Also semi unrelated, but can I fly on a one-way ticket into London from the US (I'm a US citizen) without having a return? And again on a one-way from London to Romania? Thanks so much for any advice! | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Thameslink train? No need to prebook. You probably would have enough time to hop off the train central London for a bit of lunch & a stroll. Can't comment on private transfers if thats what you meant (plus unless you have a compelling reason, the Thameslink is the easiest way to travel between Gatwick & Luton).   [ Mrdini 2 years ago ]

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