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Electronic Musician Open Mic/Networking/Collaborating - London

Et with some electronic music making type of people for new friends, collaborations, networking etc.

All the open mics I have been too / am aware of are very soul/acoustic oriented though, which is great.. but not the kind of area I'm looking to grow in.

I know Resident Advisor lists a bunch of a electronic oriented venues etc but seems to be more established acts and not people you'd meet and potentially collab with after.

Does anyone know of any places where these musicians tend to hang out so I can meet some?

I myself am a singer/songwriter but looking to expand a bit | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Nevermind, we're good! https://www.meetup.com/electroniclondon/events/248665750/   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

I'm interested too. If such a thing doesn't already exist, why not start one?   [ smbkr 3 years ago ]

Not open mic but you could get in touch with the guys that run this night. https://www.noizemaschin.com/about-oo7f3   [ paulskinner 3 years ago ]

Same boat, would be interested to know   [ iamrodhull 3 years ago ]

No, but would love to know of anything like this if you discover one! Specifically electronic-friendly open mics.   [ Oldtimebandit 3 years ago ]

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