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Getaway for first May Bank holiday

All looking for some ideas for a quick weekend getaway for the first May bank holiday. Im in SE London so about 1.5 hour drive say on the Friday night. Looking at about £100 per night for 2. Would like good walking and maybe some shopping and places to see. Thought of the usual places by the coast such as Margate, Ramsgate, Brighton, Folkstone. Not a requirement to be by the coast but is preferrable. Just trying to think of something new.

Any ideas? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


I'm a Bournemouth girl myself, slightly over your 1.5hrs travel (I'm in Greenwich and its normally about a 2.5-3hr drive) but I looooove it. Beach, forest & town. Can't really go wrong! Personally I recommend Burley, in the forest but 20mins to the beach. Plus grandad lives there. Say hi if you see him. He's friendly, unless there's ponies in his garden.   [ kezx2901 2 years ago ]

I was considering Bath. Does it get really busy during bank holiday time though?   [ ymdtaway1 2 years ago ]

Drop the drive idea and get the train to York - takes 2 hours but a nice train journey is part of the fun.   [ f28476 2 years ago ]

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