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Good place for affordable (vintage) tweed suits?

I was recommended Old Hat/David Saxby in Fulham last night in the pub which sounded fantastic but after doing some research this morning I've discovered it's closed because they were done for tax fraud! Anybody know of anything similar? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Thanks, either really ! Will take a look. Did it fit OK? Need to get my measurements   [ pezd 1 year ago ]

Thanks will check it out!   [ pezd 1 year ago ]

Mens tweed suits . Com they are cheap for the suit you get, I didn't particularly want to spend a lot on a suit for a wedding I'm going to but I was very pleased with it when it arrived. (obviously they are new I don't know if you mean vintage looking or worn vintage)   [ joshmase 1 year ago ]

There's Hornets in Kensington that sells that sort of thing but I don't know what their prices are like.   [ NotEdHarris 1 year ago ]

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