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Good place to sell batteries?

London-based and I've recently gotten a load of unused Samsung Galaxy S5 batteries from my old employer, an Amazon seller who's heading off for a while. Can't sell them through eBay or Amazon myself because of royal mail restrictions on selling batteries outside of items. Was wondering if there was a good shop/franchise which'd buy a set of about 20 of these bad boys? They go for about 6 quid each online, so anything like that would be a nice bit of change (otherwise they're just sitting in my drawer). I realise the alternative of putting up Collection Only orders, but I feel like nobody would bother unless I made it ludicrously cheap. | Modified: March 22, 2018 | Author:


There are a lot of small phone shops give them a ring and see how much they would offer you   [ elusiveclownface 1 year ago ]

I would put them up on Facebook marketplace, it's pretty active and I got rid of a bunch of random stuff really quickly over there. You can specify pickup only or meet up somewhere convenient to drop them off.   [ rhdib 1 year ago ]

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