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Good places to get pancakes in the afternoon/evening?

Much says it all, I'm currently living in Hillingdon, West London, and spontaneously asked a coworker if she wanted to go out for pancakes after work tomorrow...

Didn't realise it would be so hard to find a place that sells pancakes in the evening, on pancake day. Any recommendations? I've seen that there are some pancake 'events' around, so that's also an option if you know any good places | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Came here to say this. They have a handful of branches, all lovely with sweet and savoury pancakes, and even Yankee style ones!   [ whoissamo 3 years ago ]

I thought that was a major point of it - had never really heard of restaurants doing a special thing on the night.   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

My Old Dutch.   [ allan_w 3 years ago ]

Why not make them at home? Also fun to do.   [ chickenkyiv 3 years ago ]

Came here to say this. Also, they take reservations.   [ markvauxhall 3 years ago ]

https://wherethepancakesare.com   [ Baleful_Vulture 3 years ago ]

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