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hairdresser for bleaching dark hair?

Hope this is ok! anyone know a good salon? i'm struggling to find one that can do it because my hair is dark. i tell them i know it's going to bigger my hair, but i just want to do it once. any salons you can recommend? willing to go anywhere in london! | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


oh i know and i'm ok with having to go to multiple appointments, but the salon i use just refuses to give me overall bleach. they will only do highlights and the stylist that did them last time make me look like a zebra   [ prisonerofazkabants 3 years ago ]

I go to The King's Canary in Fitzrovia. They're a great salon, mid-priced (around 60 for a women's restyle and blowdry), very friendly, and they actually listen to you when you describe the hair you want. IMO, many (not all) colourists will recommend that you do drastic colour changes in a gradual way, taking the hair lighter over several visits; rather than going from, say, natural dark brown to platinum blonde in one session. Of course, it's your hair and you can insist, but it depends on the condition of your hair.   [ OwlOfDerision 3 years ago ]

Skyler London is the UKs first-ever colour only salon and I highly recommend it   [ menoknowgoodusername 3 years ago ]

Bleach and Not Another Salon are both bleach experts   [ ninety2wo 3 years ago ]

Shiroma? They're predominately a Japanese mainly staffed salon, I'd think they'd be used to darker hair. There's a few good stylists there. I'd recommend a stylist and not a senior level person.   [ Dead_Architect 3 years ago ]

Bleach London are the best and they have loads of locations across London!   [ concept-gran 3 years ago ]

My friend used http://www.hairbyfairy.co.uk/hair/ and thought it was okay, Ive never been though.   [ Caffeineisgreat 3 years ago ]

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