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Hidden gems of Crystal Palace?

So I'm finally moving south of the river to Crystal Palace next week. Was wondering if anyone lived there or around there and knew of things that, other than the beautiful park, are great around there - bars, pubs, good shops, beauty, weird stuff, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Basically just hyped as fuck zooming around on street view at work currently. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Thanks heaps for this list! Buying my first ever place in Crystal Palace in September after falling in love with the area.   [ robertjohnmilner 2 years ago ]

Do you know a good place to get household and kitchen stuff? I need to get clothes dryer, a dish rack, ironing board, frying pan, etc. In Stratford I'd just go to Wilcos but somewhere nice and independent would be neat!   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

I really like Joanna's restaurant. Always good food and excellent service.   [ JustHaveABeer 3 years ago ]

Why are you limited in North London though?   [ alien1543 3 years ago ]

Yesssss we walked down gipsy hill past there it's pretty, had no idea about the station cat!!   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Do you happen to have an opinion on the best burger place? Preferably somewhere that does rare if you wink at them   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Oh also pound stretcher has some great deals for canned drinks   [ paco100 3 years ago ]

Been here 8 years now. Its lovely, got a wonderful community feel. The Crystal Palace Locals Facebook group is a marvellous little cross section of the world.   [ Kaer 3 years ago ]

I saw that on street view thinking it was a Morleys. How does it rate?   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Miami Fried Chicken   [ Flukie 3 years ago ]

I do like beer, The Douglas Fir, I shall check them out!   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Love me a nosey round Crystal Palace antiques. 4 floors of well expensive nice stuff. (it's not all really expensive, I've managed to pick up a few bargains here)   [ rustygun101 3 years ago ]

400 Hundred Rabbits - Best pizza you'll get in South London I reckon. There speaks a man who loves Crissy P too much to go and try other pizza. Great pizza, but The Honest Italian or Radio Alice shades it.   [ theholybikini 3 years ago ]

Ah cool that's very very close to where I'm moving :)   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Fantastic, ta   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

If you like beer check out: The Douglas Fir (Gipsy Hill Brewery) Westow House Craft Palace Beer Rebellion The London Beer Factory (Taproom) Gipsy Hill Brewery (Taproom) The Rosendale   [ Londonrunner1 3 years ago ]

Loved the Douglas Fir, it's so cute inside. Also seconding the dinosaur suggestions, I've taken more than one date there to check them out.   [ gutfeelingszine 3 years ago ]

Moved round here in September. Made a map of things to do. As soon as the weather is nicer!   [ laurageneous 3 years ago ]

Thanks!! Yeah I've been to the park once and I love it, the sheeps are so cute. Apparently there's go-karting in the summer or something too.   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

Also there's two more about 5 mins walk away! So I'm going to totally plan a 5-borough mini pub crawl   [ haywire 3 years ago ]

400 Hundred Rabbits - Best pizza you'll get in South London I reckon. Bravi Ragazzi in Streatham begs to differ!   [ asng 3 years ago ]

Little-known fact: The Triangle sits on the border of three different boroughs (Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, with Southwark also very close by). Which is why it can feel like a pretty incoherent streetscape.   [ markvauxhall 3 years ago ]

The Douglas Fir is a great little craft beer venue run by the Gipsy Hill brewery. Domali does some tasty affordable food and has a nice back garden. The staff are good people too. Robbie especially. If he's had a couple of cans of energy drink that day then he can chat a cat down off of a fish cart. Also if you walk down to Tasty Jerk in Selhurst you'll not regret it. If the indoor BBQ's are going you'll only be able to rush in and place an order before your eyes start stinging.   [ Rossymagic 3 years ago ]

The subway is quite interesting. http://www.cpsubway.org.uk/   [ paulskinner 3 years ago ]

Haynes Lane market (Fri/Sat/Sun) and Crystal Palace Food Market (Sat). The Antenna cafe (down by the markets)   [ gadmouse 3 years ago ]

The dinosaurs! The whole triangular town centre is very nice also, quite a few of the pubs up there have won awards.   [ NEWSBOT3 3 years ago ]

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