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Is it just me or do the stop buttons at the back of the new routemasters never work?

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


The things are a suitable memorial to Mayor Boris. Fucking useless, poorly thought-out, and completely unsuitable for purpose.   [ 640TAG 2 years ago ]

Yes constantly, always on the back. Have to have a mad dash to a bell nearer the front.   [ Anathemachiavellian 2 years ago ]

Yes! I was on a 91 last week and realised that NONE of the bells were working! Had to shout for the driver to stop. Thought it was just me!   [ TavernTurn 2 years ago ]

Same thing happened to me. I thought the driver hated me more than usual.   [ chopsey96 2 years ago ]

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