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Is it possible to find housing in London in just a week?

L be moving to London for a 3 months internship. I don't want to rent anything for 3 months without having seen it before.

I was thinking to arrive 1 week early and look for a flat in that week. Is it possible to find something in that short of | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


There are student halls open in central london over summer. A bit on the expensive side, but it's not a bad option. Depending on where you're staying, a long term airbnb could work too.   [ akhil24 2 years ago ]

Yes, I was able to find everything in a day. I decided on the day I would do all my viewings and just booked them in. Saw one I could settle for and went for it. Might be a bit harder for 3 months contract though as a lot of the ones I looked at were for 1-year minimum?   [ kieero_11 2 years ago ]

I'd recommend looking into student halls in summer. When I did an internship a few years back I stopped in imperials halls in Notting hill for a pretty low rate: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/visit/summer-accommodation/   [ ljdawson 2 years ago ]

You could use a service like https://getviewable.com to get locals to view flats and send you a video along with an unbiased report before you arrive, and then go to see the one place that you really liked.   [ rennoter 2 years ago ]

Second this. Possible; yes. Most likely dreadful and the first thing you find and get fleeced for? Absolutely.   [ A_Lit_Shadow 2 years ago ]

Yes. I moved here a week before my master's and found a room on Spare room. Stayed in a hostel while I searched.   [ purplebeetle 2 years ago ]

Is it possible? Yes Will it be good? Probably not.   [ Feyle 2 years ago ]

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