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Is Shunt theatre company /art collective completely extinct?

I used to love going to Shunt under London Bridge. It was not as much fun when they moved further up the road (when the rail works started) but it was still ok. I have been overseas for a few years and I just came back and I cannot find any trace of them anywhere. Anyone has any idea if they have relocated anywhere else/changed name or if they are permanently extinct? | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Sounds like he's channelling Malcolm Hardee.   [ DopeyLabrador 3 years ago ]

Yeah man, I was talking about that the other day. I think the location played a big part in how awesome it was, behind a dodgy little door at the tube station, dark damp railway arches. was never the same in other venues.   [ Poepholuk 3 years ago ]

I feel like they have fizzled out. They went on a bit of downward trajectory after London Bridge; Money was OK, The Architects was pish (not helped by being in a freezing cold warehouse), although they were somewhat redeemed by the Boy Who Climbed out of his Face (by the O2), which was not bad for only 10. (in 2014) Don't think there's been much since - although some of the individual artists are still involved in other projects.   [ markvauxhall 3 years ago ]

Possibly; the last thing that they did collectively was in 2014 in Greenwich. But, from looking just now, a couple of the people from shunt currently have a show on at Shoreditch Town Hall: https://shoreditchtownhall.com/whats-on/party-skills-for-the-end-of-the-world-2 Can't attest whether it's any good or not!   [ willgrrr 3 years ago ]

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