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Kids selling CDs by Oxford Circus

deal with those kids selling cds by Oxford Circus? They seem to hang around by the station and hassle people. They are getting pretty aggressive and literally stop people in their paths. Is it a legitimate business or a front for something? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Fair play to them if they're legit trying to make something of themselves by selling CD's of their rapping. Probably not the best way to make money but it's better than sitting home doing nothing. Has anyone ever bought one of those CDs? Always been curious how bad/good they were.   [ j0nna5 2 years ago ]

Things have been tough since Tower Records closed down.   [ notsomaad 2 years ago ]

It's a pressure scam that's at least 20 yrs old. It targets weak people who don't feel they can say no, some of them probably on this sub lol.   [ housingnirvana 2 years ago ]

I always tell them the truth- I dont have a CD player, its 2018, digital age and all that   [ redrackham87 2 years ago ]

What is the deal with those kids selling cds Its kids selling cds. Simple as that. Why does there have to be something more sinister going on?   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

They raised their initial capital by an ICO and are now listed on the London stock exchange!   [ CheekyJack 2 years ago ]

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