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Korean bath house?

I really want to get scrubbed like those ladies at the Korean bath house, Jack.

Ok bad joke.

I want to visit a Korean bath house and get a few layers of skin taken of. Authentic, not a therapeutic exfoliating treatment.

Called jjimjilbang in Korean. Can’t find any in England? Tried the Turkish bath in Liverpool, wasn’t partially exfoliating.

Just need a good scrubbing as I have bad skin.

Yes my posts are all about saunas, baths, washing.... hobby, not a fetish. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Ive got one. Its too hard to scrub my problem areas as you need to do vertical and horizontal strokes. Also need to soak for a long time with a sauna etc. Salux does nothing for my kerotosis pilaris.   [ smellyonemanc 2 years ago ]

Buy an Italy towel or salux cloth and scrub yourself   [ Veg_n 2 years ago ]

The sweatbox in Soho is great.   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

Theres one next to Umut2000 in Dalston that has a good reputation locally.   [ sionnach 2 years ago ]

It's definitely a thing in Seoul, however I only know that it happens in the female baths. It's gender segregated so I've never asked whether or not men get the same service!   [ ninety2wo 2 years ago ]

Turkish/Hammam bathhouses are more common. Think its mostly steam rooms and pools. link   [ apple_kicks 2 years ago ]

Don't know about Korean, but if you want to be smacked around with a bushel by a burly Russian woman, there's this place: http://www.gobanya.co.uk/   [ honeydot 2 years ago ]

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