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Live music bar i can take a girl to

She said she wants to go see some live music. I like her and we both like rock, but I would prefer something we could maybe dance too and not too metal or punk.

I have been to the Shacklewell Arms and Job Center in Deptford. Any recommendations along those lines?

Please, make me seem cool. | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


thanks   [ thegreatthesecond 1 year ago ]

The spiritual bar in Camden is a lovely little venue with some amazing mojitos!! Opening times are strange to say the least, but if you get their earlyish to nab a table - you can have front row seats for the music and take advantage of happy hour :)   [ LucidTopiary 1 year ago ]

thanks. she's made a big mistake.   [ thegreatthesecond 1 year ago ]

The Old Blue Last usually has decent live music.   [ HHC_96 1 year ago ]

ha   [ adam2708 1 year ago ]

You what?   [ Macrologia 1 year ago ]

Well anywhere is a better date than the job centre. Kudos on getting a date whilst unemployed.   [ TwinParatrooper 1 year ago ]

From the few times I have been, it's been nearly impossible to speak or be heard due to the noise, regardless of genre. Or maybe I'm getting old..   [ TheWhiteRecruiter 1 year ago ]

The Bedford in balham? Enterprise or dublin castle in Camden... Lexington, near Angel. But check what's on.   [ mralistair 1 year ago ]

if you're around that area you could go to new cross and check out new cross inn, they have live music pretty much every night - genre varies a lot   [ Glensarge 1 year ago ]

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