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London Overground from Peckham way

Thinking of buying a place around Peckham, Denmark Hill or possibly Brockley and was wondering if anyone could share any first-hand experience of using the Overground (towards Highbury & Islington) during morning rush hour and how bearable/unbearable it is? Maybe it's ok?

Not expecting a seat or anything and prior Overground experiences have been fine (from H&I westbound) but is it sardines in a tintype situation or actually not too bad?

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I'm in canda water at the moment and occasionally need to get the overground to whitechapel. The trains coming into canada water are pretty packed but a lot of that rush gets out there to switch to the jubilee line so I've never had much issue getting on from there at rush hour (but can't say what its like coming from Peckham). On a side note, Im currently in the process of buying a place in peckham (on the north side near the police station).   [ harvey-birdman 2 years ago ]

it's fine as long as you don't have to then change to the Jubilee line to get to work. The Jubilee line is terrible in the morning/evenings.   [ frogcakemilkshake 2 years ago ]

If you manage to get a place around Brockley, depending on where it is, you could walk to New Cross overground station (same line - different branch) for a less cramped train (even seats!). Benefit of New Cross is that your trains are more likely to be on time, they leave every 15 minutes on the hour. At Brockley station I've missed busy trains or the trains are delayed because of the rest of the line. I can't speak for Peckham or Denmark Hill though...   [ ADzzification 2 years ago ]

Not sure I would go so far as renting somewhere for a week but would certainly go down in the morning and do a dummy run of sorts to see what the commute is like as well as spending a fair bit of time in the area to see how the neighbourhood is. Not spent that much time in SE to be honest so very much in the early phases of considering a move.   [ Chip365 2 years ago ]

The Overground gets very busy by queen's Road Peckham, but quietens down at Canada Water. Its not the best commute, but not a bad one at all   [ Ilejwads 2 years ago ]

Would need to change at Whitechapel, sometimes stay on until H&I. Thanks for your help.   [ Chip365 2 years ago ]

It is fine unless you change at Canada Water and wish to go to CW - you can be queuing for up to 15 minutes to get onto a train at 8:30 - 8:45ish   [ whalcha 2 years ago ]

It's completely fine and you will have a decent chance of getting a seat depending on what time you commute. Loads of Canary wharfers get off at Canada Water too so you'll usually have a seat for a decent amount of the journey   [ Tom50 2 years ago ]

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