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London Project 2018

 I am a third-year student at Central Saint Martins who is currently, trying to create a volume of recipes entitled “London's Melting Pot”. This project aims to explore specific areas of London where certain cultures have gathered, via recipes and art. Do you have any recipe you would like to share as well as telling me from which area you are from and your nationality? Also, do you know any artist (or a student studying art) who would be willing to collaborate by trying a recipe at home and create art inspired by it?  | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


We have some of the best and most varied ingredients in the country with a myriad of specialist shops.   [ gogoluke 2 years ago ]

Might be worth checking out the corner shops or supermarkets which focus on selling national food for other countries. If they have notice board you might be more likely to find people for this project there as they are buying the ingredients.   [ apple_kicks 2 years ago ]

Try also in a cooking sub, if you haven't. Most Londonders don't cook anyway   [ PGal55 2 years ago ]

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