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Lost dog in Hyde Park (Kensington Gardens)

Today we lost our dog in Hyde Park (Kensington Garden) around 2:30pm. She was last seen on the west side of the Long Water.

This is a photo of her

Her name is Mimi, She is a mix breed, about knee height. She is kinda shy to stranger. She is chipped.

Maybe this is a long shot but please pm me if anyone have seen her. We are worried sick..

Please upvote to help us find her!

Thank you!!!

Edit: WE HAVE FOUND HER!!!! someone saw one of our advert on doglost who have saw her still in the park an hour ago, so we went out again with her favourite treat and found her!!! Thanks everyone here. | Modified: March 22, 2018 | Author:


Im putting together a compilation video to the tube of time of my life as we speak.   [ realyak 2 years ago ]

Great news!   [ gardenpea 2 years ago ]

It was SO busy there yesterday too. You must have been in such a panic. Thank heavens for kind people. Glad shes back with you.   [ chuckiestealady 2 years ago ]

Glad you found your dog, she's beautiful!   [ Bens_Dream 2 years ago ]

So pleased you found her! Well done, she must have been so happy to see you.   [ krisssy 2 years ago ]

Great news that she's been found. Give her lots of hugs.   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

Glad you found her   [ Nomorealcohol2017 2 years ago ]

do you have your phone number on her collar ?   [ plop 2 years ago ]

Make sure you register it with DogLost www.doglost.co.uk You can also call the microchipping company and have her microchip flagged as lost/stolen so that if she's handed in they will know someone is looking for her. Fingers crossed x   [ gardenpea 2 years ago ]

We just called them but they are close until tmr morning. Will call them again. Thanks, I will update soon.   [ THE_KRAAKEN 2 years ago ]

RBKC allow you to phone to report a stray dog that you've found, but stupidly do not allow you to call to see if anyone else has contacted the dog warden to hand in your one. What I did in the past was call their Streetline number on 020 7361 3001 and say I've found a dog. You'll then get put through to the dog warden and she'll be able to tell you if your one has been found. It might also be worth trying Westminster and the Park's Police given the location. Best of luck, please update if you find your one!   [ joedafone 2 years ago ]

Thank you. We hope so too.   [ THE_KRAAKEN 2 years ago ]

Hope you find your dog!   [ Franess 2 years ago ]

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