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New political party "Advance" in Kensington & Chelsea. What's it about?

These people. They're following me on Twitter, probably because they're following a lot of people who (like me) have #FBPE in their profiles. Seem to be local to just K&C. They're fielding candidates in next month's local elections. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


There's been talk for a while of a new local party in K&C, since locals are likely to want to punish the Tories for Grenfell but are unlikely to vote Labour. Could have had a decent chance of success, but they've probably left it a bit late to start getting their message out.   [ AlkalineDuck 2 years ago ]

Thanks. FBPE stands for Follow Back Pro-EU, and is used in Twitter by Remainers to network. More here.   [ acrane55 2 years ago ]

Looks like Lib Dems rebranding themselves as a local (independent-ish) party. While I'm here, what does FBPE stand for?   [ rmas 2 years ago ]

Did you not read their "Who we are" page before posting? I did. They pledge to "do the right thing", more transparency, interests of all residents, and other things all political parties come out with. But who, actually, are they? Trots? Fascists? Something else? Anybody actually know them?   [ acrane55 2 years ago ]

Theres a similar new party campaigning in Camden, it seems to be the trendy thing to do in this local election.   [ RecessioEVE 2 years ago ]

Can't tell if this is an advert or you can't read? The link you posted tells you what it's about.   [ jaredce 2 years ago ]

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