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Planning to buy a house around Brockley / Forest Hill / Sydenham down till Crystal Palace. Which area would you suggest for a family?

finally made up our mind to buy a house in South London. We live in Bermondsey but would like to go a bit further out. We started to save money for the deposit and planning to move into one of the above locations to rent first before buying. We plan to have kids in 2 years. Which are would you suggest from the above to try? Many thanks for y | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


brockley is absolutely fab! forest hill is absolutely fab! sydenham rd is kinda gross but the residential edges are lovely (the houses down lawrie park rd/ave look so beautiful). crystal palace proper is just dreamy. Kids will be happy in all of those i reckon but i am not a school man plus who knows what you'll think in ten years if you wanna move after they're done with infants school.   [ bananabm 2 years ago ]

Thank you. I lived in Catford for 3 months right next to Catford Bridge station. Is Hither Green the same rough like Catford or pretty much liveable?   [ GoldieCalico 2 years ago ]

I liked Crystal Palace when visited but barely know anything about it. Is Norwood part of Crystal palace or it's a totally different area?   [ GoldieCalico 2 years ago ]

Thank you for these! Would rather prefer overground as I have had traumatic (!) experiences for months with the same train line when moved to London 7 years ago. Since then I decided not to use any train service at all. Also, I forgot to mention the fact that we are both working close to Greenwich.   [ GoldieCalico 2 years ago ]

I would recommend Beckenham, I was staying there for an extended period recently. Train station has 15 minute services to Victoria (couple more frequent during rush hour) and also London Bridge/ThamesLink and trams. Beckenham Place Park with the manor is stunning, high street has everything you need and very family orientated if your looking to get a little bit further out than Penge/Crystal Palace   [ johnnox_ 2 years ago ]

if you can afford it, Crystal Palace. that huge park, dinosaurs, the lovely triangle town centre, good transport links etc. however it's quite popular these days so you might be forced to go Sydenham or even Penge side instead. Both are a little rougher but fairly decent places to live all the same.   [ NEWSBOT3 2 years ago ]

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