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[Question] Broadband in Canary Wharf

I lived around Canary Wharf about 10 years ago and the internet at that time was bad at best. It looks like I will be making my way back to the area and renting in Discover Docks. Anyone living in that area could share their experience in terms of internet speeds and stability they have with their current provider? Have things improved? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Thanks OP. That is exactly what I was looking for!   [ Bart404 2 years ago ]

I lived in Discovery Dock for a few years. Wish I could go back, doesn't get much better than there. Both East and West are wired for Hyperoptic so you can get a full gigabyte connection if you want to.   [ seventwooffsuit 2 years ago ]

The wiring from the exchange loops round the south of the island from the West side and then comes up north to cover the east side. It doesn't work that well at all in the North East and if you're around there get fibre.   [ DoorsofPerceptron 2 years ago ]

I can do Hyperoptic referrals if you are able to get that installed. I've not had any problems with them in Canada Water..   [ thejamsandwich 2 years ago ]

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