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Right side walk in UK

So just had a quick thought as I was walking home from breakfast. Typically in the States when walking on a busy sidewalk or going up/down stairs you would try to stay on the right side. That way people going the opposite way don't crash into you. Assuming people do a similar thing in London. But is it opposite? Should you stay to the left?

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I love how we get an American ask this once a month or two as though it's some crazy British thing that we don't have it, rather than a weird thing America has.   [ Blooblableebla 2 years ago ]

Walk nearer the traffic if the individual coming in the opposite direction is either older (OAP status) or younger (teenager and under). Just good manners. Everyone else, usually veer to the side that has the largest gap.   [ SupaZupa 2 years ago ]

YES THIS GUY. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. signed, someone who walks fast.   [ soupermaario 2 years ago ]

No rules, but generally sensible to be on the side further from the nearest lane of motor traffic, if going in the same direction as it.   [ oobrien 2 years ago ]

I WISH there were rules for pavements. I always walk on the left, just makes sense.   [ crystalspine 2 years ago ]

Visiting from the States, now, and was confused by the stand right / walk left on escalators and moving sidewalks and then . . . chaos on the sidewalk. It might all be corrected if Londoners would start driving on the right side of the road.   [ wescowell 2 years ago ]

Walk wherever you want, it's a short life   [ Runningman0301 2 years ago ]

If it was that well organised we wouldn't be able to let out our daily quotas of indignant grunts or overly polite nods without eye contact.   [ stolen_art 2 years ago ]

On escalators: Stay on the right, walk on the left if you don't want to get verbally and/or physically abused. When walking on the street: There's no consensus and it's a big fat mess.   [ easyasthis 2 years ago ]

Really? People generally just do whatever?   [ mrbigbluff21 2 years ago ]

No rules other than the escalators   [ lieutenant_lowercase 2 years ago ]

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