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Santander Cycles/Boris Bikes: Docking and then undocking again

Boris bikes that first 30 minutes is free. But 30 minutes doesn't seem like much to me, if you are doing longer journeys by bike in London. I'm assuming you can just find a docking station, dock it, and then undock the same bike? Can you do it straight away, or do you need to wait for a particular amount of time? Thanks! | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Its actually really good and a very positive step for a 21st Century city   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

The costs are now a fixed price of £2/ 30 minutes after the first free 30 mins. It used to be that the costs escalated pretty rapidly after the first 30 minutes - going to £35 for longer than 3 hours! So it was *well* worth swapping bikes on a long hire. Now, you're saving £2 per swap, if you don't mind hanging around for 5 minutes.   [ paulbrock2 2 years ago ]

if you are gonna use them on a daily basis, apparently the token you get with the yearly subscription allows you to dock and undock without waiting 5 mins in between.   [ khodos 2 years ago ]

The bitter irony being that a 35 min journey by Boris bike is going to be under 30 mins on pretty much any other bike, if only because of the terrible short gearing.   [ pineapplecharm 2 years ago ]

Great, really informative answer! Thanks!   [ aussie777 2 years ago ]

You have to dock it every 30 minutes or incur another £2 charge. You can take out another bike from that dock or any other, but there is a 5 minute delay so people dont just dock and undock. 30 minutes is pretty far in terms of london and cycling, the intent is for people to forego taxis/trains/buses for short trips and pick a greener option.   [ Filthy_Ramhole 2 years ago ]

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