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sleep cooler at night

So I learnt this trick from a fellow texan redditor and it's been working out really well for me in this heatwave.

All you need is a wet a bedsheet (preferably not done using bodily fluids) and a fan.

Just put the sheet over yourself at night (the initial shock goes away quickly) and with a fan you will get 4-5 hours of amazing cooling provided by the evaporation.

Let me know if it worked out for you!

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


I kind of like this idea. How long do they stay cold?   [ I-Ribbit 2 years ago ]

I've put duvet covers in the freezer before for a few hours (in a plastic bag) then used them without the actual duvet which seems to work well. Unfortunately there's currently too much food in the freezer from my housemate to try atm   [ mangrovesspawn 2 years ago ]

This definitely works. Those pillow gel packs are also divine in this weather. Cooling down enough to sleep is so important.   [ Pennyspy 2 years ago ]

Doesn't that end up doing the same thing once the icy water bottle starts to melt and makes the pillowcase/sheets damp?   [ perscitia 2 years ago ]

This works! I usually use a pillowcase or a t-shirt and drape it on my chest or legs. It doesn't need to be dripping wet. Works really well for bringing your core body temperature down enough to sleep comfortably.   [ perscitia 2 years ago ]

Freeze some water bottles and put them in front of a fan for makeshift air con   [ heystopbanningme 2 years ago ]

just don't over fill it or it will break in the freezer and slowly leak as it melts   [ apple_kicks 2 years ago ]

awful freeze a rubber "hot" water bottle. Stick it in a pillow case, hug that all night.   [ thejamsandwich 2 years ago ]

It shouldn't be dripping wet, more like really damp.   [ IAmAnon 2 years ago ]

Or just wet a towel and put it on your feet, less messy probably   [ ephemeralquartz 2 years ago ]

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