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that's just London.   [ c0mpani0ncub3 3 years ago ]

I went to the Trafalgar Square "feast" last year, I think the burgers were about 8...   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

it's been brought up several times by various groups and people over the years. i think because we have 2 bank holidays May the government don't want to give us another one.   [ c0mpani0ncub3 3 years ago ]

If they make it a bank holiday I might start acknowledging it. As it stands it's just another Monday.   [ Shockmaster69 3 years ago ]

We're not a catholic country, CoE is super calm about saints days. We're good at other things.   [ jaylem 3 years ago ]

think it just depends how and where you grew up.   [ c0mpani0ncub3 3 years ago ]

You'd think we'd be more involved considering he's the patron saint of syphilis   [ [deleted] 3 years ago ]

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