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survey sites for UK

its called onepoll; it is a survey site that has a high volume of short surveys. most surveys are under 5 minutes and pay 10-50p.

the cashout threshold is £30 which sounds scary but i got my first cashout in a couple of weeks. pays out in paypal or bacs.

heres a link: https://www.onepoll.com/

(i cant put a referral link here as you can only refer by sending an email so if you're feeling nice please dm me your email. i believe you get a few pounds for using a referral link so it might be worth doing)

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that happens to me sometimes too. however i check back frequently and manage to qualify for around 10 surveys a day   [ sumtoinfinity 2 years ago ]

How long does this take?   [ easymed 2 years ago ]

There's also Survey Bods: they pay by bank transfer at 15.00. www.surveybods.com (If a few UK people are interested in a referral, let me know in a PM -- invites have to be sent via e-mail on-site, though you can join without one).   [ MidgardWyrm 2 years ago ]

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