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Things to do in London!?

I'm in London with my girlfriend tomorrow evening and I've made no plans, is there anything worth doing that doesn't need to be planned in advanced? | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Hi, Your post has been removed because we've got an FAQ post full of info for people exactly like you! Please take a look at the green stickied post on our front page and then ask your question there if you still need to.   [ realyak 3 years ago ]

Try stabbing or doing a bit moped theft.   [ tmpthrowaway1980 3 years ago ]

I stumbled across this website earlier. Might give you some ideas: http://london.carpediem.cd/   [ Silver-Arm 3 years ago ]

Yeah, and the few things we do have need booking years in advance. London just has nothing for the normal, casual visitor. It's dead.   [ danltn 3 years ago ]

Sorry mate but London is totally devoid of any thing to do. If youve ever seen mad max its pretty much based on central London tbh   [ bensthebest 3 years ago ]

You'll have to be a bit more specific. What do you like doing? What are your interests?   [ chickenkyiv 3 years ago ]

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