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Traveling to London for a week and need to take a video conference. Where can I find a quiet room with fast internet to take the call?

Hello. I'm traveling to London next week and will be staying at a backpackers' hostel. I need to join a fairly long video conference on one day and I'm not sure where to find a quiet space with fast internet to take the call. I'm staying next to Hyde Park (Bayswater) if that helps. Thank you! | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


The Citizen M hotel near the Tate Modern has a great lobby with plenty of space (upstairs and downstairs). It has great internet, a nice caf and I am sure you can ask to use a quiet conference room for a little while.   [ LauraVi 2 years ago ]

You can sometimes find a quiet corner in The Barbican Centre.   [ goldmambo 2 years ago ]

How quiet does it have to be? Can you take the call with headphones? Or will you talk to the other people through your laptop's mic and so need the entire place to be quiet? Maybe email ahead at your hostel and ask if you could borrow a room or if they know if anywhere nearby. I think you ideally want something like a meeting room in a library or at least a cafe that's quiet enough all day. But I can't think of anywhere like that around there.   [ myrargh 2 years ago ]

https://www.regus.co.uk/ have lots of meeting rooms etc for hire.   [ oh-noes- 2 years ago ]

Wrong side of London but the Olympic Park has very fast WiFi across it, lots of places to sit and a couple of nice quiet cafes and lots of outside tables and chairs   [ CheekyJack 2 years ago ]

Most of the posher big chain hotels have business centres. You'll have to pay though. Cant think of anywhere that would be free or cheap, maybe there are hireable rooms in tech areas like Shoreditch.   [ ab00 2 years ago ]

Hyde Parks pretty big. You could try the Hilton hotel on park lane   [ beckerola 2 years ago ]

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