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Tube penalty fare

I recieved a penalty fare, appealed it and got the appeal declined. My mate says he never paid his penalty he got a couple months back and they never took it further, just sent letters etc. Reading on the internet there are people saying they take you to court, should i pay it or not im broke

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Buggerzs check the address now before sending you on your way Simply not cricket   [ whatthefugit 2 years ago ]

Ever heard the saying 'two wrongs don't make a right'? Well, that. Pay your fare or pay the fine. Transport in London isn't free for most people.   [ littlestsquishy 2 years ago ]

They'll drag you to court eventually if you don't pay.   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

And u gave your real address?   [ RazbNHYMwe 2 years ago ]

My experience's the same as your mate's. Never paid, never got any letter about it.   [ Alexij 2 years ago ]

Get InTouch with tfl and offer to pay in installments   [ BionicMass2806 2 years ago ]

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