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Victoria Palace theatre London (need advice)

Can you take your own chocolate/sweets/drinks etc ? Thank you in advance. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


I will chance some chocs or something, thank you.   [ kaylai2017 2 years ago ]

When I was waiting in the bar I saw someone eating their Pret wrap? So I don't think they are too strict. Enjoy the show.   [ kieero_11 2 years ago ]

When I went a woman in front of me somehow snuck in a bottle of Rekorderlig, so if the door staff missed that then you should be good to go.   [ BlueyBirdy 2 years ago ]

Has anyone here ever had problems taking your own snacks into a theatre? Bag checks are routine, but never actually had a problem myself.   [ danltn 2 years ago ]

Yeah. They do a very basic bag check but won't throw out snacks or drinks. All the staff we interacted with were incredibly friendly and helpful, surprisingly so for such a popular & busy production.   [ caspararemi 2 years ago ]

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