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Weekend ski trips from London?

for ski trips where I can minimize time off work and ideally spend full days on slopes (and also do it as cheap as possible).

Google results are spammed with advertisements and fake newspaper articles with tracked links to hotels and such. Searching on Reddit doesn't return anything either, suggesting that UK doesn't really do short ski trips like I'm imagining. I used to live in Prague where I could take a bus early Saturday morning and spend the day on okay-ish slopes (30 pounds for bus + skipass). Or travel overnight to much nicer slopes in Tatras (80 pounds for overnight train + skipass).

The cheapest flights I can find are 200 pounds return to Geneva / Lyon / Grenabe (incl. bags / skis). Does that sound about right?

My ideal would be travelling overnight or very early morning (or late evening) but these tickets do not exist.

I'd be grateful for any travel tips, suggestions for ski resorts, hotels or just good websites with all this info. | Modified: March 21, 2018 | Author:


I did a crazy trip. 120 that includes: coach from Hatton Cross at 1pm Friday. Arrive at les arcs at 6:30 am Continental breakfast Ski hire lift pass Coach home leaving at 5:30 pm Company is called hucksters I got 8 hours on the slopes and did about 40 KM   [ Toliver182 1 year ago ]

How do the trains from Innsbruck in an hour work? I can't find details online.   [ nrki 1 year ago ]

+1 for Cervinia, but can sometimes be closed due to high winds   [ nrki 1 year ago ]

while week-long ones cost sub 150 per day Three days near Geneva in late February is 400 GBP with Swiss airlines incl. cheap Airbnb, bus and skipasses (La Crusaz).   [ michaelbixby 1 year ago ]

Firstly, don't go skiing it the UK Good way to establish credentials :) Thanks for all the tips. Now I'm thinking whether I can put all my gear in a storage box in Geneva to save on some luggage costs. These are 120 GBP / return with Ryanair (Safestore in London would cost 40 GBP / month). If anything it would save me some hassle carrying it. Edit: looks like I overestimated it, see below Some guy here leaves his skis at a service centre http://snowheads.com/ski-forum/viewtopic.php?t=127440   [ michaelbixby 1 year ago ]

I've done a lot of ski trips from London, all over, for varying lengths, so here are the few lessons I've learned: A weekend is really hard word, you genuinely spend more time traveling than skiing. If the weather happens to be bad on those couple of days, then it's a really expensive waste of time. If you're doing a short break, time from airport to resort is everything. Austria is really good for this: flying into Innsbruck you can literally catch the train to St Anton, Mayrhofen or Solden in less than an hour (for 17!). I avoid car hire now. I've done it in the past, but most French resorts are 2-4 hours drive from the airport, up winding mountain roads. Snow tire options add on a bunch of money, then you always end up paying a silly price per night to park, plus petrol and everything else - you pay more for the car than the flights. The thing about going for longer is that it's just so much better value. You get discount on the ski passes, discount on rental, all the cheap resort accommodation operates Sat-Sat cycles for week-long bookings, to keep capacity at 100%. My experience is that short ski holidays cost 300+ per day, while week-long ones cost sub 150 per day. I tend to keep an eye on the package operators like skiworld about two weeks out, some of the deals they do are pretty much unbeatable. I did Val D'Isere a couple of weeks ago with flights, transfer, full board accommodation, ski passes and all gear for 820 for 7 days. Other perk is you don't have to plan or think about a thing. Though we're now right in peak season, so there won't be any real deals around until season-end is approaching. If you really are looking for just weekends, then ignore the big French resorts at high altitude, the transfers are just too long, and the accommodation too limited. Either look at the Austria resorts I mentioned above you can just jump on the train from the airport to, or look at some of the much much smaller French resorts (the more 'local resorts') with only 5-10 lifts and a few runs served by the less ski-resort centric airports. Your flight prices are about spot on for this time of year for those ski-serving airports.   [ Trigger3k 1 year ago ]

Hi, my now wife used to live in the Alps so I did this quite a lot for the weekend. It's best if you can take a day off either side but not necessary. Firstly, don't go skiing it the UK, it takes just as long if not longer to get there, and itll be cold and windy and tiny and and... Leave on a Friday night, flight to Geneva, hire a car at the airport and drive to any one of many great resorts. For a slightly shorter drive but possibly more expensive accomodation, stay in Morzine or Les gets. For cheaper accomodation and the best skiing but slightly more faff, stay in bourg saint Maurice. Then each morning drive to Tignes (about half an hour). The car park is free in Val claret if you buy a lift pass. You can ski all day Saturday and Sunday then get a late flight home from Geneva. You can get to Bourg st Maurice by midnight on Friday night and home by midnight on Sunday night (or better, Monday night). From BSM you can also go to many other close by resorts to change it up. There is a funicular that takes 5 minutes from Bourg St Maurice straight up to Les Arcs which is another great ski area, and no driving required. Good luck! (To get cheaper car hire, hire from the French side of Geneva airport, doesn't include the Swiss motorway ticket but they never check and you're only on it for 10 minutes)   [ roflson85 1 year ago ]

stersund, Sweden! Easyjet have direct flights on sundays i think!   [ Suddas 1 year ago ]

It's fairly easy to find cheap flights if you book far enough in advance. A few weeks before and all the most convenient ones for doing exactly what you want to do will be booked. Lots of people have the same idea! Consider Munich as well (for Austria or Germany) although I don't think the skiing is as big. Flights might be cheaper. The easiest I've done is flown into Geneva and then taken a transfer bus to somewhere in the Grand Massif, Morzine or near Chamonix - all about an hours drive from Geneva airport and fairly cheap to transfer to (if you're willing to share the bus and hang around a bit). Alpybus and others do ski transfers. All the big ski areas connect quite a few towns so look for somewhere to stay in any of the smaller less well known towns that are part of the ski area - it might be cheaper. Swiss resorts are painfully expensive.   [ leoedin 1 year ago ]

The sleeper train stops at Aviemore, albeit quite early in the morning!   [ DPD_uc 1 year ago ]

bear in mind that you can ski in the UK! ie, http://www.countryfile.com/article/where-ski-and-snowboard-uk for cairngorm, flights from london to inverness are possible, and care hire down to aviemore is pretty cheap during winter. You could sleeper train up to glasgow etc too.   [ NEWSBOT3 1 year ago ]

Flying ski gear is not worth. Usually They usually charge above the 100 line each way.   [ DeCyantist 1 year ago ]

i just moved to London and am looking at doing a similar cheap/weekend trip to the Swiss Alps on the cheap. One thing I was looking at was flying into Milan or Turin and going to the Corvina Italian side of Zermatt and riding both the Italian and Swiss side there. I was pricing flights for 40Euro but not sure how much my snowboard bag would be (they sometimes fly as regular checked bag on some airlines while skis always are a cost). Once there, a full day lift is under 40Euro. Im not sure how much/how long the bus from the airport to the slopes are but Im confident it's under 2 hours and about 20Euro tops. I'm still researching/planning so will share as I do more   [ stilldevo 1 year ago ]

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