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What are the best vegan places in London?

I'm going London from Birmingham on Sunday and want to know where the best vegan place is. I've looked online already and have an idea of where to go but what would you say is the best place? | Modified: March 22, 2018 | Author:


Vantra, it's right next to tottenham court road station   [ sleepsucks 2 years ago ]

They're still closed for renovations, but hopefully re-opened by this week I think...   [ craftservices 2 years ago ]

Was it just the food that was 100% vegan? Ive seen restaurants whose supply chain isnt vegan. It a though one for them to evidence though. How do you show your delivery drivers are vegan without following them around?   [ Chair_Toaster 2 years ago ]

If you go early enough, The Full Nelson in Deptford is awesome. It's tiny so it packs out very quickly but the burgers are amazing.   [ slimeuk 2 years ago ]

The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker, Vegan pub in Angel/Clerkenwell. Had dinner there the other night and it was great.   [ underlyingnegative 2 years ago ]

Mildreds have several places and a great vegan selection.   [ bigtitch 2 years ago ]

That would be Vantra. I think theyve moved to somewhere in Soho.   [ bigtitch 2 years ago ]

There was this restaurant in Oxford street which served vegan food based on weight. dont remember its name and dont know if its still there   [ aruk5 2 years ago ]

To add to the existing suggestions I'd say King Cook Daily in Shoreditch, amazing Asian fusion food.   [ RyanMacG 2 years ago ]

There's a Tibits near London Bridge now too   [ Overbeaned9 2 years ago ]

Is this a recurring event?   [ Californian_415 2 years ago ]

Yorica on Wardour Street, Soho, does what I call rice cream. It's rice milk -based so full flavour but none of the heaviness of ice cream. Really good flavours and refreshing. They do waffles and crepes too, all vegan.   [ myrargh 2 years ago ]

You just missed Vegan Nights. Shame seating was all outdoors, so we only stayed til 7. But not before having: a banh mi, filled with mushroom and walnut pat a non-chicken chicken burger from Temple of Seitan a seitan and ale pie with mash, peas and gravy miso "crab" bites Shared everything so we could try as much as poss. And it was all really good. Sorry can't remember the names of all the stalls, but they'll be listed on the event page   [ myrargh 2 years ago ]

So many great brunch places here https://liviaskitchen.co.uk/2018/02/08/londons-best-gluten-free-vegan-sweet-pancakes/   [ cmazo 2 years ago ]

Yeah the place is called what the pitta. Great vegan kebabs.   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

No one has said that.   [ magicandmythology 2 years ago ]

Black Cat cafe in Hackney   [ waffanculo 2 years ago ]

I live near here. Went to their lunch buffet and was quite disappointed after it was talked up a bit.   [ Californian_415 2 years ago ]

Pickywops for pizza   [ Snoophoggbazz 2 years ago ]

Not a restaurant but the vegan donner kebabs at Shoreditch boxpark are amazing - and I say that as a meat eater   [ iMac_Hunt 2 years ago ]

Tibits off Regent Street Vantra Loungevity on Wardour Street   [ peter25252525 2 years ago ]

Redemption - vegan and alcohol free bar - great food and mocktails   [ ockcyp 2 years ago ]

Definitely book ahead for this one! If you're in the area make sure to check out Green Bay a few doors down, 100% vegan grocery. A ten minute walk from there gets you to Simply Vegan, great casual lunch spot with a buffet, baked goods and coffee drinks, just know it's cash only. Enjoy!   [ badbadthinker 2 years ago ]

222 - on North End Road in West Kensington. Everything is 100% vegan including their beers and wines. The food is amazing and it's very reasonable.   [ magicandmythology 2 years ago ]

Essential Vegan (Old Street) - Absolutely other worldly cakes, their burgers are amazing and I highly recommend the cheese balls Just F.a.B (Hackney area) - Really amazing Lasagne, but on a cold day it's a bit miserable because it's actually in a London bus For Pizza I recommend going to Voodoo Ray's for their Queen Vegan, best pizza I've ever had (and that's including when I use to eat cheese)   [ SarahQGFB 2 years ago ]

I've been to "The Gate" http://thegaterestaurants.com/ before and had a good meal. I'm a meat-eater but found it perfectly acceptable. Also had a good time at Carnival https://www.carnevalerestaurant.co.uk but I'm not sure if that is just Vegetarian and not Vegan.   [ Gusfoo 2 years ago ]

Club Mexicana - at the Spread Eagle Homerton). I havent been to the new location but went a lot to the Dalston one before it moved and it was amazing. Temple of Seitan - Hackney (take-away only with like three benches outside) Temple of Camden (more Kings Cross than Camden) - has seats IWillKillAgain (Homerton) - Open thurs-sun daytimes for lunch. Manna (Primrose Hill) - Slightly more upmarket than the above, gets busy so book in advance. Mildreds - Multiple locations but Dalston is the newest and has plenty of seating. Mooshies (Brick Lane)   [ [deleted] 2 years ago ]

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