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What is with the comment section in the Nike London advert?

Seriously as a black male I kinda had to laugh at some of the comments...stuff like 'it seems like it was filmed in Lagos' and 'London has fallen' | Modified: March 21, 2018 | Author:


All I'm seeing is a lot of South Asians on Twitter unhappy that they didn't get a proper representation lol... Many people forgetting it really is just an ad campaign   [ bwana22 2 years ago ]

Not necessarily.   [ edwinbe 2 years ago ]

show some old guy going for a jog in some trainers You probably want a New Balance advert for that.   [ grep_var_log 2 years ago ]

Tbh the advert wasnt exactly very representative, like at all. However they know their audience. Its not middle aged white men buying nike trainers. The slogan nothing beats a londoner suggests the whole of london. Needed more areas of london shown, more classes, more races, this would show that nike is not just a brand for young working class males (even though it probably is) and would show the diversity, geographically and racially of london. , show some old guy going for a jog in some trainers. London isnt just one area or class or race. I would just think it would be a good thing to not just cater to your audience, but try to branch out too.   [ louisbo12 2 years ago ]

Guess people are talking about this https://youtu.be/n0j_CX1S2es Nike know who its target audience is. Think there is only one problem with the ad, and it's the reason that it's caught peoples attention. It's not just at the ratio of white black. It's the quite weak white kid sections. Apparently if you're a white kid you're still doing old-fashioned shit like horse riding, swimming, running back from the commuter belt, or what's that .. an Oxford/Cambridge style boat race. There is an implied class division. To quote one commentator on the YouTube video, which summarises the overall effect of the ad. all the cool people tend to be of African descent. What you have to realise about Nike is they use many many quite smaller independent production companies and agencies to do all their advertising. It's not like there is some arch overseer. It's a very smart strategy that has paid them huge dividends over the course of the last 10 years. This is because frankly they get a much higher, less "comfortable" and more original standard of work.   [ Recovered_noodle 2 years ago ]

That's one of my favourite ironies. People who aren't from round here, visiting or emigrating to my city and complaining about our culture and asking us to change.   [ RassimoFlom 2 years ago ]

Trumpsters 4chan SCREEEEEE You sound like fun.   [ legaladviceukthrowaa 2 years ago ]

If the people buying nike are black males, market them to black males.... I dont see their issue.   [ Declanhx 2 years ago ]

Alt right, mainly Americans, intent on making the internet theirs.   [ HarryBlessKnapp 2 years ago ]

Because YouTube commenters are 13 year old trolls.   [ asng 2 years ago ]

I stupidly read the YouTube comments for the John Lewis advert. I never saw so many racist comments about a mixed race couple from people who didn't realise they were being racists.   [ kieero_11 2 years ago ]

Yeah, as a black male as well, I find it pathetic and complete ignorant to find theses comment P.S: I went to Lagos back in 2012, they both have its ups and downs   [ Happy_Craft14 2 years ago ]

If only there were British people on the advert. So apparently you can't be Black and British hahaha. YouTube comments are always a source of entertainment!   [ Smokeandmirrorshere 2 years ago ]

Never read the comments. This city belongs to everyone.   [ gnalp 2 years ago ]

YouTube   [ Don_F_Kennedy 2 years ago ]

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