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What's the cheapest way to get to France /amsterdam?

Looking for all the options to consider, thanks! | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Eurostar train. Probably not the cheapest but if you manage to find a good deal you could buy a ticket with a reasonable price. + its doesnt take much time   [ earthquakest 2 years ago ]

What bus companies should I look at that go to Amsterdam?   [ penguinchange 2 years ago ]

But don't bank on the wifi working.   [ myrargh 2 years ago ]

Walk and swim. Youll eat more but if you can budget thats the cheapest.   [ Chair_Toaster 2 years ago ]

Ouibus   [ dank4000 2 years ago ]

You can get the bus for very little, but obviously it takes ages compared to other methods. Eurolines/National Express go to a lot of places, but a coach from London to Amsterdam can take 10 hours+ Alternatively, look at the cheaper airlines (e.g. Ryanair, Easyjet) and book well in advance to get the best fares.   [ chickenkyiv 2 years ago ]

Walk or hitch hike. Or you could use the internet to look at air fares (sky scanner, google flights) and eurostar and boats and buses (megabus, eurolines) using your dates and see what comes out cheapest. A lot of these questions you ask us on a daily basis are fairly easy to figure out for yourself....   [ ab00 2 years ago ]

You'd at least have to hire a wet suit for the swim or buy a good amount of goose fat. Then there is hiring the people to follow you and give you food and water while your swimming. Im sure you could hire a yacht on the cheap, but including crew that's that has got to be 600. There is also the walk there which would be knackering and also require a support team unless you carried a full tent etc. That is presuming that OP is able bodied/a ultra marathon runner who can cover those distances conveniently. Not to be a pedant but I don't think it is that cheap. Free travel would involve sneaking into a lorry at dover - which must be pretty rare. Inexpensive travel would be coach from victoria or eurostar which is starting/doing some London to Amsterdam tickets for 25.   [ LucidTopiary 2 years ago ]

Ask the guys at the car wash places as they have some pretty interesting stories about travelling between France and UK very cheaply indeed.   [ Alistairio 2 years ago ]

look at megabus / national express etc for coaches from victoria. There'll be some cheap ones.   [ NEWSBOT3 2 years ago ]

Probably walking and then swimming.   [ mercival 2 years ago ]

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