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When would you park your moped in london?

Is it ok to leave them locked on the pedestrians as long it's not in the way of anyone? | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Also apparently using a cover will deter the thieves as they can't see what security you might be using.   [ Leeskiramm 1 year ago ]

Is it easy to find motorbike bays to park? I sometimes see them park on the pedestrians but no often. If parking is an issue then I will consider on getting an electric bike instead   [ Amazin24 1 year ago ]

Park in the road with the back wheel touching the kerb and the front wheel facing the other side of the road, preferably in a designated motorcycle bay. There is an epidemic of moped theft going on, so try to lock your bike to an immovable object. Dont rely on the steering lock, use a Sold Secure rated motorcycle lock.   [ thefuzzylogic 1 year ago ]

Nope. You see some on pavement areas but they have to be on private property, e.g. some buildings own a strip of land in front if them.   [ mralistair 1 year ago ]

When I wasn't riding it.   [ Emphursis 1 year ago ]

But what are you going to lock the pedestrians to...?   [ JoCoMoBo 1 year ago ]

'When'? :) Motorbikes are disposable in London. If you use one for long enough, it will get damaged in some way. Parking on the pavement can get you a ticket. In practice depending on where it is, there are some 'accepted' areas (Stratford station had bikes lined up in certain areas when I used to go by there). In central areas, stick to the motorbike parking and deal with having your mirrors folded in.   [ WestLondonsFinest 1 year ago ]

Not sure pedestrians would appreciate dragging along a moped.   [ minniemoomin 1 year ago ]

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