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Where best to buy resale tickets?

Hey all, i'm looking for the best place in your opinion to quickly buy resale tickets to meet up with someone for a show in London. I've tried gumtree and stubhub but with to avail. Where have you guys used, successfully tried? It's a standing ticket for Kendrick on 12th Monday i'm looking for if like genre or something helps.

Thanks | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


If you're not too fussy about seating / standing location then there are tickets available at face value from AXS: https://tickets.axs.com/shop/#/GEN-0f0d-421f-9a34-1325b432ea86/shop/search?lang=en&locale=en_gb&preFill=1&eventid=343831&ec=O2L180212&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=axs_theo2&fbShareURL=www.axs.com%2Fuk%2Fevents%2F343831%2Fkendrick-lamar-tickets%3F%26ref%3Devs_fb They have some seats in line / just behind the stage in the level 1 seating. In my experience these can be a really good spot to catch a band from. The O2 often releases tickets close to the show, so I imagine that's why they're available. Edit to add: this is an official primary ticket seller, not a reseller/tout so you'll pay face value and definitely won't get ripped off. People are very quick to look on secondary sites / touts when stuff sells out, without realizing that big venues often release more tickets as they get returns and finalize guest list and staging.   [ novelty-socks 2 years ago ]

Twickets 100%. Face value only so no touts. A lot of artists recommend them now. If they haven't got what you want right now set up an alert and they'll email you if someone lists a ticket closer to the time. For a big event like Kendrick I think your chances are good   [ tome101 2 years ago ]

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