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Where can I buy Djarum Black cigarettes, and Djarum Spice Islands Cigarillos in London?

couple of weeks time and would like to pick up a few packets of Djarum's while there; Djarum Black cigarettes and Djarum Spice Islands cigarillos to be specific. I used to be able to get Djarum Black's in Northern Ireland, and France, but both sources dried up on me.

Rather than wandering aimlessly from shop to shop, can any of you provide me with the name of a shop that definitely sells them? I'd prefer somewhere around Camden, but I'll be grateful for the names of any shops in the city that stock them.

I had a friend in the USA try pick me up the cigar version of the Black's a couple of weeks ago, and all Redditor's in NYC could offer me were general locations of smoke shops to pass on to him to check, yet none of the shops in the suggested areas ended up stocking them, so I'd be grateful for the name of a shop that you know for certain sells them as I'd like to not waste my weekend chasing leads. | Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


Further research indicates this may have been an EU wide ban which would explain why all your other sources have dried up too..   [ gh0stp0p 1 year ago ]

So new UK smoking laws put in to place (last year?) mean it's illegal for flavoured cigarettes to be sold, which unfortunately includes standard clove cigarettes. I think cigars may be exempt though, so you may have luck with the cigarillos. I've since quit, but I used to buy my Djarums from either the newsagents on Camden High Street (opposite the Electric Ballroom) or Smokers Paradise on the Royal Exchange, so you could try both of those. There were a few others but they've since gone out of business.   [ gh0stp0p 1 year ago ]

Awesome, thanks for that. But yea, to think I've to go abroad for cloves, this may be the reason why we've only got two Goth clubs in Dublin :-D   [ cadethefreeman 1 year ago ]

Cheers, I took a look at Davidoff's site, but naturally they've only listed their own branded products. I'll keep Davy's in mind.   [ cadethefreeman 1 year ago ]

Damn foreign goths , coming over here taking our cloves. I'll check a few places and report back   [ Pawn_in_game_of_life 1 year ago ]

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