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Where is the best place for a "couples" photo in London?

Hey guys!

Taking my girlfriend to the UK for her first time. I was born there so I've got a pretty decent grasp on your country as I travel back almost every year. This trip is going to be something different though, as I'm finally bringing a girl back with me.

I'm looking for the best place in London to get a photo of us together. I want the backdrop to be something special =D

Thanks! | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Thank you guys all for the comments! I'm definitely going to be checking these out!   [ Edunk17 1 year ago ]

Take the Thames Clipper from Embarkment down to Greenwich and have a picket date in the park. Then you can take a lovely photo from the observatory with Canary Wharf and co. in the background. My go to date plan   [ laggsurfer 1 year ago ]

Parliament hill or Primrose hill. Or possibly Greenwich Park with the naval college   [ Electric-Lamb 1 year ago ]

In between Paddy Power and the kebab house.   [ MrMytie 1 year ago ]

Or just turn up before 10 or after 6. Amazing   [ xferok 1 year ago ]

Shoreditch has some great spots for some more fashion portrait shots   [ Griddamus 1 year ago ]

Stringfellows   [ Poepholuk 1 year ago ]

Westminster Bridge   [ Macrologia 1 year ago ]

Hungerford Bridge, between the South Bank Centre and Embankment tube. On the Western crossing you get Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye as your backdrop. On the Eastern side you get a really great view down the Thames into the city. Also, Oxo Tower jokes notwithstanding, the pier just in front of it is actually a great place to get a shot with St Pauls Cathedral across the river.   [ ben_ldn 1 year ago ]

St Dunstan-in-the-Eastin the City is an awesome place for romantic photos!   [ Auxx 1 year ago ]

London Eye   [ BrainyDoc 1 year ago ]

The Oxo tower.   [ comrademikey 1 year ago ]

London Bridge is cool. Then you have Tower Bridge in the background and you're 5 mins away from every pub ever.   [ Silver-Arm 1 year ago ]

Primrose Hill   [ SadRecord 1 year ago ]

If even Edgware is attracting couples from China for their wedding photos, why not Hounslow?   [ myrargh 1 year ago ]

Sky garden is free (if you book in advance) and would give you a nice backdrop.   [ b3mus3d 1 year ago ]

Hounslow   [ the_sameness 1 year ago ]

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