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Where should I Live near Hammersmith?

Hey! Moving to London for a few months, work will be paying for the accommodation.

My office is in Hammersmith near the Hammersmith tube. I have to put forward some area suggestions to the relocation company.

I'm a early twenties female and I'd like to be within a 30 minute commute to work but I'd like to live in a more 'lively' area rather than family friendly. Good transport links to Central and preferably places I can go for brunch/ breakfast nearby without having to travel ridiculously far.

Any suggestions? Thank you! | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Barnes & Roehampton definitely meet your criteria.   [ Niggeritosaurus 1 year ago ]

Lived in both Hammersmith and West Kensington, now not too far away in Wandsworth. Hammersmith is lovely to live in, and from what I've seen has improved since I lived there. Superb transport links into central and west London. Hammersmith Broadway has a few nice pubs and bars for socialising, and you've got central London about 30 mins by bus. Only downside is there's constant traffic there. West Kensington was a bit more rough, a lot of council estates. I'm a big 6"3 guy so I never had trouble except for one time, and I recognised that the guy who wanted to mug me lived above me so nothing happened, but I never wanted my gf to walk around there to mine, would always meet her.   [ aleksandrovrussian 1 year ago ]

Putney Hammersmith Fulham Chiswick /thread   [ Filthy_Ramhole 1 year ago ]

Hugely depends on budget which you haven't talked about. If you're not paying, I think most would tell you further in = better in West London. Living west of Hammersmith would make no sense at all, living east would be a trade off between traveling to work and traveling to other things.   [ WestLondonsFinest 1 year ago ]

Which kind of areas are you talking about?   [ zakkyb 1 year ago ]

As someone in a not entirely dissimilar position, but here already, I'd suggest avoiding nearby areas south of the river. They are lovely, but not what you might imagine as 'lively'.   [ FattM 1 year ago ]

Are you hawt?   [ TrOuBLeDbOyXD 1 year ago ]

What is your budget? I selected your profile with lively areas and used W6 8AB postcode for Hammersmith station. Finally setting 800 per month for a room and your options are: *Shepherd's Bush Green *Ealing Broadway *Ealing Common *Hammersmith Broadway *Bishop's Lambeth *St Pancras and Somers Town - Camden Source: https://london.locationhawk.com/   [ hitmewithabrick 1 year ago ]

Chiswick or Fulham seem like no brainer options. Lots of my ex girlfriends lived in those locations so they are good for girls. Ones with dogs lived in Chiswick. Ones who were more party girls lived in Fulham.   [ Alistairio 1 year ago ]

Yeah I considered it I think I read on a blog that it was more an area for transit rather than to live and I worry they'll be no young professionals.   [ tahral 1 year ago ]

I suppose it depends on what kind of "lively" you mean. Fulham is great for young professionals, lots of restaurants ands good pubs, and you could walk up to Hammersmith in less than 30 mins (or get the bus, tube or bike in much less time), Chelsea is a bit more posh but not necessarily a bad thing. If you tell us more about you we might be able to suggest better.   [ madamemarta 1 year ago ]

Yep, currently working in Hammersmith and would happily relocate here. It's a nice area with places for brunch etc and you can easily go to central or east on the tube.   [ kieero_11 1 year ago ]

I mean, Hammersmith itself seems to be an obvious choice, trade one hour of commuting each day for ten minutes of walking. You have the District, Piccadilly, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines all from there.   [ danltn 1 year ago ]

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