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Where to buy American cheese (for burgers)

Hi all, does anyone know where to buy the cheese that all of the trendy hipster burger joints use? Assuming it’s ‘American cheese’ - whatever that actually means!

I’m not talking about the individually wrapped cheese singles you can buy in supermarkets; they are never the same as the cheese you may find in a Bleeker St or Patty and Bun burger. They seem a lot more artificial.

Any insight would be appreciated. Cheers. | Modified: March 28, 2018 | Author:


Thanks mate. Much more useful that most of the people that replied sarcastically here!   [ TehTriangle 1 year ago ]

Some Tesco and Waitrose are selling Monterey Jack cheese, which is different from the "cheese" slices and what the hipster burger places are using   [ Undescended_testicle 1 year ago ]

Why not use actual cheese?   [ 640TAG 1 year ago ]

ITT: People who don't know that American cheese "pasteurised processed cheese-flavoured food product" aka Kraft/Dairylea Singles. The American food regulator defines several different "American cheese" products but the proper one is a blend of mild cheeses (usually Cheddar, Colby, and possibly Jack), cream, and spices. Since I haven't found proper American deli cheese here, I normally use mild Cheddar and/or Jack on burgers. Sometimes if I want a real greaseball burger I'll use Dairylea singles, but that's not really cheese.   [ thefuzzylogic 1 year ago ]

The hipster places aren't using American plastic cheese. Unless you think chains are hipster places.   [ ab00 1 year ago ]

Monterey Jack is one several places use, try that   [ dynasty987 1 year ago ]

Look up Velveeta Cheese. You could probably order it on amazon, and it could probably survive a nuclear war. It is mighty delicious and will only exceed your expectation for the perfect American style cheese for burgers   [ celebritycoke 1 year ago ]

Fair enough. I think the general answer is to use the supermarket sold burger singles then!   [ TehTriangle 1 year ago ]

Lol Tesco everyday value American cheese tastes less artificial than the kraft singles to me (American)   [ arden30 1 year ago ]

A lot of places will do their own custom blend, mainly with cheddar in it. Buy a handful of similar cheeses and melt them together.   [ fost90 1 year ago ]

You can get it pretty much everywhere http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/tesco-price-comparison/cheese/kraft_singles_10_per_pack_200g.html   [ UnmarkedDoor 1 year ago ]

American cheese You can get sheets of plastic from most DIY stores.   [ ianvisits 1 year ago ]

"American cheese - whatever that actually means!" What you're saying is, you don't really know what you're looking for.   [ shembop 1 year ago ]

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